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Ah yes... Where to begin? Let us ask you a question. Do you crisp your dysfunction? Bust your rhymes? Nugget your jammy wadslice? Have you got the slightest clue what we're talking about? No? Well read on.

You've wandered in to what is undoubtedly the most crinklicious, EF-filled place in the world. Here you'll meet some of the jammiest nuggets and crispiteers you've ever seen. So make yourself at home, but don't wad our whore-mongering nugget-sliced crinkle-wad jam-smack dysfunction burger with special sauce, or you'll find yourself e-popping at the speed of taco. Got that? Yes? Then you'll fit right in, crisping your crinkle with the best of them... And we're the best.

Be sure to check out our many sources of EF, and if you don't find what your looking for...well you just ain't looking hard enough so quit your whining and go sit in the corner.

Wednesday December 22nd, 2011

Site relocated!

Site is now hosted on armitage. Don't expect any site improvements.

Wednesday September 8th, 2004

We're Re-Hosted!

Please pardon the mess while I work on some site improvements.

Tuesday April 29, 2003

Summary of Script for CRINKLE THE MOVIE

1) Ted join's peace corps to defend the free world against nazis
2) Builds bridges in Africa while teaching natives to drag race
3) Wearing a dress, bill gets voted off the island for TKing
4) Matt joins the Nazis to defend the free world against the peace corps
5) Hunter joins greenpeace to protest the innocent slaughter of millions of single cell organizms by other single cell organisms
6) hysteria ensues
8) Sexy Results
9) Dave drinks a davetini and turns really red, with sexy results!
10) Josh, wearing regal robes of purest silk, descends from a helicopter to promote Oxyclean.
11) Jon takes 5 servings of Ubernaustrum and runs around telling everyone how he impreoved his golf game and how he feels "more like a woman."

Monday March 4, 2002

**NEW NEWS!!**

Yeah, so it's been a while, what do you want...

Let's see, what has happened in the half a year since the last news. Tom has a new job and is now living in Hudson New York. We don't have address info posted for him yet. I just moved to Middletown to live with my g/f. Frank bought a porshe, and Matt is pregnant.

Any other News that I've forgotten, it can't be all that important.

Wednesday May 2st, 2001

JoNArSe will have a new address at the end of May. I will be moving a mile closer to work, and to my own apartment. All those interested in coming to do some painting or helping to move please let me know ;)

Tuesday May 1st, 2001

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Tom has moved.....his new contact information can be found on the crinkle smacks page.

Saturday April 14th, 2001

Muhahahhahah, JoNArSe has cablemodem, you will all ph33r me because I'm all fast.

Monday April 2nd, 2001

Happy Birthday Josh! Well so what if it was yesterday.

In other news, there are new puppies...yes this is old news, but there hasn't been any new news in a while. I've got one really good picture of them which can been seen here.

Also new is the JonCam....All Jon all the time, for all those that just can't get enough.

Friday January 26th, 2001

On a sad note, I have to report to all of you the death of my dog Tillie. Those of you who knew her, knew what a great friend and companion she was. I thank all of you for the consolation and comfort you have offered and last few days. In return I offer you this tribute page to her. A small collection of pictures taken throughout her life. For the most part they are in order by her age. -Jon

Tillie Ingersoll Memorial Page

Wednesday January 17th, 2001

First post of the OFFICIAL new millenium, whoop whoop.

Happy Belated Birthday to Rogue, |\\echman, and myself.

Congrats to eLdaR on his completion of the RPI experiance.

Added a new Link with EF, www.despair.com. Dispair Inc. is dedicated to bringing you the finest in demotivational matrial. A truely devoted company.

Monday November 27th, 2000

Added the Flame War section. A tribute to the all mighty tauting power of the Smegmeister Tiak.

Wednesday November 22th, 2000

Added contact information for Tae Kim in the smacks section. Also, if anyone wants to write any of the definitions for the Crinkle Dictionary section, feel free to do so, and email them to JoNArSe.

Happy Belated Birthday to Bill & Rochelle. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, don't y'all over-eat and explode.

Other news: mark you calendars for February 16-18 for Katsucon 2001. If anyone is interested in going to the RPI vs. Yale Hockey game here in CT let Jon know. Last years game was great, RPI housed Yale. This years unfortunately the game is on Dec. 8th @ 7 pm which is a Friday evening. But if anyone can make it for that time you're welcome.

Monday October 23th, 2000

Added a crinkle smacks page. This page contains contact information for the smacks. This will be passworded so that random non-smacks can't see the information and start bugging us while we're eatting fry daddy.

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